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T-Mobile Czech Republic CSIRT (TMCZ CSIRT) is specialized team that protects users connected to internet through T-Mobile Czech Republic services. We are part of T-Mobile Czech Republic organization structure.


How to contact TMCZ CSIRT?
Primary contact: e-mail
Emergency contact: telephone nr. (TBA)

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Tomíčkova 2144/1
148 00 Praha 4


Please note:
Team responds within one business day (Mo-Fri 9-17, excluding Czech national holidays). Response on automatically generated reports is not done. In such cases contact is done only if additional information needed. Contact number is for reporting important incidents that pose serious threats to customer cybersecurity, T-Mobile internet service availability and infrastructure or pose such a threat to other networks through T-Mobile network.


Detailed description of TMCZ CSIRT, complied with in RFC 2350 "Expectations for Computer Security Incident Response" is downloadable in PDF from here:


If information you want to send to TMCZ CSIRT needs to be encrypted, please use team’s current PGP key: